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Mr. Wizard's Wonderblocks

Vastly superior to wooden blocks for finishing paperweights, Mr. Wizard's design is lightweight, nimble on the pipe, and won't burn out of roundness. Infrequently requires simple re-corking (instructions included). Optional aluminum handle provides a generous grip and conducts less heat. The sweet set-up for sphericallity. Unfortunately, not a substitute for wood blocks.

What are Wonder Blocks and How Do I Use Them?

Introduction to Corking

Handles sold separately.

Available in several different sizes:

2", 2.5" diameter
$45.00  add to cart  view cart

3", 3.5", 4", 5" diameter
$65.00  add to cart  view cart

6" diameter
$75.00  add to cart  view cart

8" diameter
$120.00  add to cart  view cart

Handle and Cork

Milled Aluminum Handle
$35.00  add to cart  view cart

$20.00  add to cart  view cart


We do not sell glue. Linseed oil makes a great glue and you can buy it at your local hardware store.

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